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Founded by veterans of the healthcare and therapy industries, Paradigm has risen to the forefront as a premier provider of rehab-in-place occupational, physical and speech therapies.

There’s no place like home

We believe that success in recovery is most attainable when the individual is in an environment conducive to healing. Home is where the heart is and where Paradigm’s heart is to power better results for families in the community.

The one-stop choice for seniors, serving all their rehab needs.

Why Paradigm

Individualized Care

Each member of the Paradigm family is treated as an only patient - and in their home, they truly are. We offer no cookie-cutter solutions; only solutions that work for you. Because we know that each individual has their own strengths and limitations, we provide an individualized plan of action specific to your needs.

Home Field Advantage

Learn the skills you need in the location you need them most. We meet you in your comfort zone, so you can learn and practice those skills right in place. Whether it be in your kitchen, bathroom, or driveway, Paradigm Rehab therapists will be there providing support wherever life takes you.

The Paradigm Touch

Because we care, Paradigm Rehab therapists treat each senior as an individual worth celebrating, not as a patient or file number. At Paradigm, you can expect to be treated with love, care, and patience.


The Paradigm Team

John Smith

Samantha Jones

Richard Burke

Josephine Kaar

Trixie Logan

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Do more for your patients by giving them the best care on their home turf

Lets Get Home

Do more for your patients by giving them the best care on their home turf

Lets Get Home